About Me

20170214_153729I’m a father and husband first and foremost. I have the luck to be married to a wonderful woman who inspires and supports me in more ways that I deserve. Together we managed to create a miracle child who’s as smart as she is mischievous and loving. I’m an alumni of Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and have an education in History and Foreign Languages and Cultures.

I’ve been telling stories for as long as I remember. I used to hold my family in thrall as little ol’ me would tell spooky stories (well, what I thought were spooky at the time anyway) until we’d fall asleep. That’s about when my mom first told me that I’d be a writer some day.

By the time I hit 5th grade, I had knocked out the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings,matgandy and was a considerable scholar in the world of R.L. Stine. By 9th grade, I had Anne Rice’s Lestat books under my belt, as well as Stephen King’s IT and The Stand (both of them read in a single year, don’t know how I managed that at all). Over the next couple years, I had finished the first three books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Between all these, of course, have been a slew of things spanning from I, Claudius to the Dragonlance Chronicles series. I have always been hungry for a good story.

20161217_131853Several of the most formative events of my life have revolved around reading and writing, and these hobbies have carried over into my adult life. I build worlds, draw maps, and create languages as a matter of hobby. Most importantly, I write, write, write…and I fall more in love with the creative process every day.

With so many ideas – penned or not – I know its time for me to do something with them. I want to share my love of story with the world. That’s why I’m here, and I’m excited to learn from this experience and my readers.